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      GBE Packaging - Our List of Online Auction Websites

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 Online Auction Website List, Top 100 Bidding Websites, Online Auctions Software
Well there are plenty of alternatives to eBay. Whether you're looking to boycott eBay or just looking for additional revenue sources we would like to help by publishing an ongoing list of online auction websites. If you know of one or more auction sites we missed please feel free to email us and we will to add them.  Add a Site to our Online Auction List or Report a Broken Link

Online Auction Websites List

121 Bid EasyMud One Way
  eBay Online Auction
Adflyers Ebid
All bidders E-Buy Auction Overstock
Ecrater Oztion
Auction  Houses - Land Epier Ozon
Auction Ad City
  570 Auctions Police Auctions
Auction Arms
Auction Bidz
Auction Fire For 10 cents QuiBids
Auction Quest Frazoo Local
Auction Warehouse GoBID QXL
Audiogon Gumtree Ruby Lane
Aukro Gun Broker Sell Bid And Buy
BidBeat Google Base Sell My Stuff
Bang 4 Bucks GSA Auctions  
Shop Goodwill
BidCactus Shoporium
Bidray Specialist Auctions
BidsTick Hoobly  
Inter Shop Zone
Bid4Assets Ioffer The Dead Skunk
Bidz Job Lot Trademe
Blujay Kijiji Classifieds TripleClicks
Bonanzle Trocadero
buntfu Liquidation uBid  - aka:
  MADBID UK Bids Away
ClickIndia Classifieds UniSquare
Cqout Mercado Libre
Njuskalo Wensy
De Remate OfficeHax Xoobie
De Reto Oltiby Yahoo Shopping
DubLi   Zozo
123 Bid Online Auction Website 121 Bid
A US and UK based alternative to eBay which features classified listings, free auctions, and buy it now sales. 123 Bid have been online since 2004 and are Tax/VAT free! They advertise no fee's ever. 100% free auction site.
  Back to Top, The Leader in Online Gun Auctions on the Internet!  Auction Arms
The Official Online Auction Website of the NRA., Gun Auctions on the Internet! Buy and sell guns at, The Official Online Auction Website of the NRA. Registration is free! There is a seller membership application/Sign-up Fee of $4. Regular bidder membership is free. Unlimited bidder membership is $3.95. Final Value Fee's are:

Final Bid of $0.01 to $25.00 = Amount x 5%
Final Bid of $25.01 to $1000 = ((Amount - 25) x 2.5%) + $1.25
Over $1000 = (Amount Over $1000 x 1.25%) + 25.63

Listing upgrades are available.

Gun sales are highly regulated. By Federal Law, any gun you buy has to be shipped to a licensed gun dealer and you must go to that dealer’s business in person, produce identification, fill out paperwork called a 4473 form, and pass a background check. Waiting periods apply.
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AdFlyer -  free online classifieds Adflyers
Launched in September 2007, with twelve categories ranging from Motoring to Cheap holidays abroad. Advertised as a free auction site you can choose one of two upgrade packages and sell your classified in lightning speed.
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allbidders Online Auction Website All bidders
Australian-run auction site launched in 2001. It gets a reasonable amount of traffic. Large very active automobile section. Basic listings are free and you pay only when your items get sold. Sellers pay end commission of 2.20%-4.5%.
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Amazon Online Auction Website Amazon
Started in 1998 Amazon is the top dog right under ebay. Owner of site Alexa Amazon has recently launched its very own shopping cart system. Traffic is great at You can build an Amazon product store and earn referrals of up to 15% of sales with their banner links. Tip:Amazon sellers have been using these corrugated cardboard boxes for years.
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REDC Online Auction Website  Auction
REDC ( makes purchasing real estate at auction an easy, fun, and unintimidating process! Launched in 1990 and claims to have auctioned a record 32,800 homes in 2008. Public Lender Foreclosure Auction where they advertise all homes must be sold. They also advertise EZ Financing at today's low rates.
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Auction Ad City Online Auction Website Auction Ad City
Started in February 2008 this new US-based online auction site is an auctions and classifieds marketplace where everything can be listed. Auction items are free to list with a closing fee of 5% up to $10,000. Upgrades are available at additional costs. You can also list  businesses and individuals. Classified section costs 50 cents to list an item which includes 5 photos and various upgrades are available at additional costs. The site also has a subscription payment plan which allows sellers to list as much as they want for free, provided they have subscribed.
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The auction portal gives you the opportunity to buy premium products for a much lower price than the price of these products in conventional stores.  BidBeat
The auction portal gives you the opportunity to buy premium products for a much lower price than the price of these products in conventional stores. Selling is organized as a blind auction, where the opportunity to buy a product is given to the bidder who submits the lowest unique bid. is owned by the UK limited company Rathor LTD. Rathor LTD operates their penny auction businesses in other countries of the EU. Registration is free. You must purchase credits that are required to participate in auctions.
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Auction Bidz Online Auction Website Auction Bidz
Started in 2006 this auction site is 100% aussie owned and currently run from an office in Sydney N.S.W, by a small team of dedicated professionals on a volunteer basis. They currently advertise free to use at no cost to you what so ever with a AU$10 free credit just for signing up. Seems to have a good amount of traffic since its free to use.
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Auction Fire Online Auction Website Auction Fire
Auction Fire start up was in 2002 traffic is not too bad but the site has a simple template design and apears to be as much a link directory as it is an online auction website. Listing is free and includes image hosting with a  2.5% commission against the final sale price (not including your shipping and handling charges) Negative reviews have been published.
 Additional Reviews on Auction Fire Online Auction Site        Auction Fire Review
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auction quests Online Auction Website Auction Quest
Started in 2004 Auction Quest is a US based ebay alternative.
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auction warehouse Online Auction Website Auction Warehouse
Started in 1999 Auction Warehouse is US based site that started out specializing in computer hardware and peripherals but they seem to have alot more. Traffic is above average and the site is heavy on electronics.
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Audiogen Online Auction Website Audiogon
This online auction / online classified site has been around since 1998. Audiogon features listings for almost everything that is electronic, entertainment or home theater orientated items. Traffic is average and the base cost of an ad or auction is $4.00, this includes three pictures. Additional options are available for additional costs as labeled while posting. The transaction fees are only applied to a seller's account if the item listed is sold. They are equal to 1% of the reported sale price and will be expected to be resolved before any further ads may be posted.
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aukro Online Auction Website Aukro
Owned by Tradus (Also known as QXL) This online auction portal has branches in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and The Ukraine. As far as features and costs your on your own on these auction websites. These auction sites are not in English.
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bang4bucks Online Auction Website Bang 4 Bucks
New Australian online auction site. They offer store accounts up to ten items are free and end of auction fee's range from 2.25% to 3.75%.  2.50% to 3.75% for USA International sellers. Charity auctions are going to be run under Crazy Sunday auctions. Bang 4 Bucks is hoping to capture the unhappy ebay Australia's customers. ebay Australia is pushing its buyers and sellers to use its subsidiary PayPal .
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bidcactus online auctions  bidcactus
Launched in April 2009, Bidcactus is a new type of web-based auction experience that combines the thrill of real world entertainment with the efficiency and value of online shopping. In Feb. 2010 their Alexa Rank was 12,788. Bidcactus features only brand new merchandise. Bidding starts at just $.10 with no reserve. Bids cost only $0.75 each, and come in bidpacks of 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 so you can walk away a winner with only a small amount invested! With each bid placed, an items' price increases by $0.10 or by $0.01 (depending on the type of auction). When you bid, the counter gets re-set up to a maximum of 30 seconds. An auction ends when there are no further bids and there is a winner!  You can bid on bid packs and pay far less than .75 cents ea. Lots of Gift Cards available to bid on if you like to shop.
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Bid4Assets is the online auction marketplace for high-value assets like real estate, jewelry and rare collectibles. Bid4Assets was launched in November 1999. Bid4Assets is the online auction marketplace for high-value assets like real estate, jewelry and rare collectibles.

Government agencies and an extensive community of private sellers rely on Bid4Assets to connect with buyers interested in unique personal property and real estate. Auctions have included everything from one-of-a-kind historic cars, luxurious estates and spectacular jewelry to the Presidential Yacht Sequoia and exotic cars.

Government auctions have been a specialty at Bid4Assets since our early days when we began helping the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) sell forfeited assets ranging from cars, boats and planes to real estate, artwork, jewelry and much more. Today numerous federal, state and county government agencies partner with Bid4Assets to sell a wide variety of forfeited, surplus, tax-defaulted and foreclosed property online. In addition to the U.S. Marshals Service, federal and state agencies that hold auctions on Bid4Assets include the U.S. Department of Treasury, the U.S. Department of Energy, the State of New Jersey and more than 40 counties nationwide.

Our approach and reputation make us the online auction marketplace for high-value assets. Because of our experience working with the U.S. Marshals Service, state and county governments, and private sellers, we are the unparalleled leader in online auctions for high-value items.

In February 2008, Bid4Assets launched, an enhanced, real estate-only online auction site.
  Back to Top Bidmadness
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bidmate Online Auction Website Bidmate
BidMate was founded in 2007 by Internet entrepreneur Ron Gully, with the intention of providing Australia's most progressive online Auction site. BidMate is located in Highton Geelong Australia. Listing is free with various upgrades and end of item fee paid by seller is .20 AUD under 5.00 AUD and 2.49% from 5.00 to 5000.00 AUD. Up to 250 item store is free. Not much traffic yet but lots of special offers.
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Bidray is a new online auction site featuring top-name, brand new high-def TVs, super fast laptops, state-of-the-art cell phones, high class fashion clothing and more Bidray
located in London, Bidray is a new online auction site featuring top-name, brand new high-def TVs, super fast laptops, state-of-the-art cell phones, high class fashion clothing and more. Its a buy bids site and you need to be a persistent bidder to win and a bit of luck. Bidray is owned & operated by the UK company Bidray Ltd. In Feb. 2010 their Alexa Rank was 90,409.
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BidsTick Auction Site Bidstick
Welcome to where you can "Bid a penny for luxury". was created by the people, for the people!   Bid on the best brands and latest electronics, computer hardware and luxury goods one penny at a time. No reviews yet - Please check back!
  Back to Top is the largest brand name & jewelry auction. Bidz is the largest brand name & jewelry auction. All of our items are 100% authentic and almost all are brand new. We offer outstanding jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and other accessories from leading brands, including Faberge, Di Modolo, Gucci, Chanel, Carrera y Carrera, Valentino, Versace, and many more.
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blujay Online Auction Website Blujay
100% free online classified marketplace started in 1998 and US based it is one of the older ecommerce auction sites online that does not charge buyers or sellers. They make money from banner advertising. Good traffic mostly from the US.
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bonanzle Online Auction Website Bonanzle
Newer auction site started in June 2008 offers listing with up to 4 photos is free with a set price scale for final sale fee's. You can import your listings from ebay or craigslist. This site has had allot of advertisement in the USA and already has a Google page rank of 4/10.
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Buntfu is a Siswati expression, a word that encompasses a lot of meanings. There is love in there, there is trust, and there are feelings. Buntfu is a word that describes being human – how you relate to your neighbor, how you relate to the person sitting next to you, how you feel for that person. will always be free of charge. You do not pay any site fees or closing cost fees to buy or sell your GNU/Linux or BSD based computer. All features within the site are available to everyone without charge . We encourage you to use the site to the fullest and take advantage of all of its features.

Our recommended GNU/Linux distribution is Ubuntu, primarily for ease of use, support, large community, and frequent updates. But we also have many other great GNU/Linux & BSD based PCs available for everyone to buy and sell here.
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Click India Classifieds Online Auction Website Click India Classifieds
Clickindia is a free, simple, easy-to-use classifieds website that brings together complementing opportunities. Clickindia is a place where people can post their offers and requirements and browse through the same posted by others from their own or from anywhere across India. Clickindia can help you in various ways: find an apartment, look for a job, sell your old car, meet new people who share your interests, and advertise community events such as art exhibitions or music concerts and lot more. Main office is in Uttar Pradesh - India,
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CQout Online Auction Website Cqout
Launched in Dec 1999 and has since gained the reputation of the "Most Trusted Online Auction Site" so they say? CQout is a UK based International auction company, with users in more than 57 countries around the world, conducting person-to-person and business to consumer auctions, at,  and CQout Ltd is registered in England 
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craigslist Craigslist
Started around 1995 includes local classifieds and forums - community moderated, and largely free. Jobs, housing, goods, services, romance, local activities, advice - just about anything really.
More than 1 million new job listings each month.
More than 120 million user postings in 100 topical forums.
Craigslist has about 30 employees that work out of a victorian house in the Inner Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco. eBay acquired 25% of the equity in craigslist from a former shareholder in august of 2004.
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deremate Online Auction Website De Remate

Formerly Mercado Libre's main competition De Remate was bought out by the South American giant in 2008. The site itself owned and operated for other domains, including De Remate in Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, De Remate, Mexico, Peru, Uraguay and Venezuela. The group also controlled the De Rento name in Columbia and Mexico.

The De Remate name has fared pretty well from the takeover and the sites still enjoy relatively volumes of traffic. Sellers are able to sell via auctions, stores or classifieds. De Remate's fees are a little bit cheaper than that of Mercado Libre with sellers paying 1% listing fees ($1-$10) and 4.49% in commission for auctions and 7.99% for classified and shop listings.

R. Dominicana
Costa Rica
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DeReto Online Auction Website De Reto

De Reto is part of the De Remate stable. Formerly Mercado Libre's main competition De Remate was bought out by the South American giant in 2008. The site itself owned and operated for other domains, including De Remate in Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, De Remate, Mexico, Peru, Uraguay and Venezuela. The group also controlled the De Rento name in Columbia and Mexico.

The De Reto name has fared less well than De Remate, particularly in Columbia. Sellers are able to sell via auctions, stores or classifieds. De Remate's fees are a little bit cheaper than that of Mercado Libre with sellers paying 1% listing fees ($1-$10) and 4.49% in commission for auctions and 7.99% for classified and shop listings.

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DubLi - Fun Shopping DubLi Operated by the DUBLICOM Ltd. in the Republic of Cyprus, D.R.C.O.R. In Feb. 2010 their Alexa Rank was 20,575. Too many rules to cover here, sorry you're on your own here.
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Online Auction Site -  EasyMud is a free online auctions site that started in 2009 and based in the US. This auctions site offers Auto Auctions, Cmost complete online auction venue in the worldars Auctions, House Auctions, Home Auctions, Property Auctions, Vehicle Auctions, Jewelry Auctions, Antique Auctions, Electronics Auctions and much more. It is free to list on this site with various enhancements that range from 50 cents to $2 and final sales commission will set you back $1. For items under $100 and 1% for items over $100.
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eBay Auction Website  eBay 
eBay is the big guy on the block when it comes to online auctions. eBay no doubt is the biggest and most complete online auction site in the world. For the high fee's you are rewarded with  a huge user base and almost anything you need if your buying. Sellers will enjoy the huge traffic numbers from all over the world.
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ebid Online Auction Website Ebid

An auction site started in 2001. eBid gets better than average traffic, most of which comes from the US and the UK. They do not charge to list items but do have a 3% fee for a successful sale.

eBid USA. Zero Fee Online Auctions for the United States
eBid Canada. Zero Fee Online Auctions for the Canada
eBid UK. Zero Fee Online Auctions for the United Kingdom
eBid New Zealand. Zero Fee Online Auctions for New Zealand
eBid Deutschland. Zero Fee Online Auctions for Deutschland
eBid Nederland. Zero Fee Online Auctions for Nederland
eBid Australia. Zero Fee Online Auctions for Australia
eBid India. Zero Fee Online Auctions for India
eBid Svierge. Zero Fee Online Auctions for Svierge
eBid Singapore. Zero Fee Online Auctions for Singapore
eBid France. Zero Fee Online Auctions for France
eBid España. Zero Fee Online Auctions for España
eBid Danmark. Zero Fee Online Auctions for Danmark
eBid Ireland. Zero Fee Online Auctions for Ireland
eBid South Africa. Zero Fee Online Auctions for South Africa
eBid Italia. Zero Fee Online Auctions for Italia
eBid Portugal. Zero Fee Online Auctions for Portugal
eBid Norge. Zero Fee Online Auctions for Norge
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E_Buy Auction Online Auction Website E-Buy Auction
FREE TO JOIN, FREE BASIC LISTING, LOWEST ONLINE FEES, it's Totally FREE, including 4 FREE Pictures. New Online Web Site, for auction, auctions, online auctions, car auctions, car auctions online, art, books, cars, jewelry, laptops, motorcycles, music, toys, home, DIY, computers, clothing, digital cameras, DVD, free online auctions, buy and sell, bid, bidding, property for sale, bargains. The site is very new, only being registered late in 2008 but coming with most of the listing fees and the enhancement fees non existent. Final commissions are quite low as well ranging from 1.9%-1.3%.
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e crater Online Auction Website Ecrater
A free auction and ecommerce store creation service that was set up in 2001 finally went live in its beta version in the early fall of 2004. is both a free web store builder and a free online marketplace. Sellers can easily create their own free online store in minutes. Buyers can easily browse and compare between thousands of products.

Sellers receive free website hosting, a free subdomain and a powerful admin tool to manage their free online stores. All products are posted to Google Product Search as well.
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Epier Online Auction Website EPier
Set up in 1999 - at ePier Individuals can buy and sell anything from personal items to automobiles! - Businesses can sell their products to the global community by setting up their own free business site! Service providers can advertise their services and watch the business roll in! Whether you are browsing, looking to hire someone to complete a project, or needing a place to advertise your goods, ePier has a place for you. Their home page has a page rank of 4 but the site is reported to be down allot with low sales.
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A US-based auction and site set up in 2009.  570 Auctions 
A US-based auction and site set up in 2009. The site offers classified and auction listings and has a bulk uploader for everyone who wants it. Listings and traffic are low as the site is new.
  Back to Top is a new penny auction site much like all the others. Bidding of every item on starts at 0 cents and with each bid the price goes up one cent. Each bid has a time frame and if a bidder is out bided within that time frame, the auction price will be extended by one cent and the clock will be reset. Site features an Auto bid system designed to bid for you.
Auctions are active between 6 AM and 12 AM PST; 8 AM - 2 AM CST.
In Feb. 2010 their Alexa Rank was 104,702.
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Sell Your Tickets to Your Social Network.
Your Friends + Your Tickets = :-)

Totally free. No fees

Link your tickets to Facebook and Twitter to let your friends and followers know when you have extras.

Get the insight you need to sell more tickets and connect with the people who really want them.
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Gumtree Online Auction Website Gumtree
Started in March 2000 as a local London classified ads and community site, designed to connect people who were either planning to move, or had just arrived in the city, and needed help getting started with accommodation, employment and meeting new people. They now cover 60 cities across 6 countries - the UK, Ireland, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa - and are the UK's biggest website for local community classifieds including flat share, flat rentals and jobs. In 2005 they became part of the Kijiji family within eBay.
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The World's Largest Online Auction of Firearms and Accessories  Gun Broker is the largest online auction site dedicated to firearms, hunting, shooting and related products:

    Consistently attracts more visitors each month than any other firearms auction site – an average of 2.5 million unique monthly visitors. We have over 1.3 million registered users.  

    USA Shooting says…
    “The folks at have been great to us,” commented Buddy DuVall, Director of Marketing for USA Shooting. “They have been generous and a pleasure to deal with.” specializes in the firearms industry:
    Created to be an auction site for the unique needs of the firearms industry. supports the industry through groups like the NRA, NSSF, Hunting Heritage Trust, Shooting Sports Summit and USA Shooting.

  • Gun sales are highly regulated. By Federal Law, any gun you buy has to be shipped to a licensed gun dealer and you must go to that dealer’s business in person, produce identification, fill out paperwork called a 4473 form, and pass a background check. The process is no different buying on GunBroker than it would be buying a gun at a gun shop. GunBroker’s value-add is a huge selection of guns for sale, not the ability to buy illegally or circumvent the law
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Google base Online Auction Website Google Base

We've created a new website, the Google Merchant Center, where you can upload your product feeds and make them easy to find on Google Product Search.

If you have been uploading Products through Google Base, your data feeds and account settings have been migrated to the new Merchant Center.

Be sure to bookmark the new Merchant Center page, and see our FAQs for more information.

Old description See Above !

Google's foray into the ecommerce world (apart from Google checkout, Google's shopping cart system, and Google product search, which is linked to Google base) Items can be listed for free with this system.

Simply describe your items on Google Base to make them as easy as possible for people to find when they search. You do not need a website to put your stuff online. Learn more...
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Your Official Link to Government Surplus and Forfeited Property GSA Auctions

Your Official Link to Government Surplus and Forfeited Property

The GSA Auctions® website ( has been developed to complete GSA's transformation to an all-electronic asset management system. The site offers the general public the opportunity to bid electronically on a wide array of Federal assets. The auctions are completely web-enabled, allowing all registered participants to bid on a single item or multiple items (lots) within specified timeframes.

GSA Auctions® offers Federal personal property assets ranging from commonplace items (such as office equipment and furniture) to more select products like scientific equipment, heavy machinery, airplanes, vessels and vehicles. GSA Auctions® online capabilities allow GSA to offer assets located across the country to any interested buyer, regardless of location.

Participants may choose to browse items that are offered on this site or may choose to search for items and place bids. In order to place a bid(s), participants must register first.
GSA is the "business side" of the U.S. Government. It was established over 50 years ago by President Truman on July 1, 1949, by Section 101 of the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act as a result of a recommendation by the Hoover Presidential commission.

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Hoobly Online Auction Website Hoobly

Hoobly is a US-run global classified site set up in 2002 that gets fairly good traffic. It has a free ad service and an interesting premier ad system where you bid on how much you are willing to pay for an ad.

Hoobly is a free classifieds site that integrates the best of both local classifieds and a national marketplace with its "Ad Filter" technology, which starts out general and allows for more specific browsing.
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Hood_de Online Auction Website

A fairly big German alternative site which offers, auctions, classifieds and storefronts.

The largest, free online auction company on the German Internet! is a virtual marketplace on which EVERYONE can buy and sell for free. Purchase books, CDs, records, DVDs or videos for often less than half of the new price or sell your items at a fixed price. Site is in German.
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Inter Shop Zone Online Auction Website Inter Shop Zone
Online Shopping Comparison Site
Marketplace Network has been providing Internet related services to its members and visitors since June, 1999. Since then, our network has grown from a small auction house, to a mid-sized marketplace in just a few short years. Marketplace has added several new sections that have done quite well for both the company, and advertisers that choose to advertise within these new areas of our network. In early 2001, Marketplace had started to form successful alliances and partnerships with such companies as, InfoSpace, and SnapNames to name a few. These companies have helped Marketplace build its comprehensive business center which was created specifically for its members and visitors. - Online Shopping Comparison Site
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i offer Online Auction Website Ioffer
iOffer began in 2001 as we saw the need for an alternative to frenetic and hyper-competitive web marketplaces. It was clear that people wanted something different, something that was not frustrating, but easy — even fun! It touts itself as being an ecommerce community where people can negotiate prices for things. You can even swap things if you want. There's a final listing fee of 5% for sales and one US dollar each for successful swaps. Read about them in detail in the announcements.
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Started in 2006. A UK-based classified site which allows you put up listings, with photos, for one month for no listing fee (for now) and without charging a final sales fee.  Job Lot 

Started in 2006. A UK-based classified site which allows you put up listings, with photos, for one month for no listing fee (for now) and without charging a final sales fee.

Tired of trawling through all those classified ads trying to find that must have bargain?  If so is the site for you. You can search for hundreds of classified items for sale using our simple search engines, and instantly contact the seller direct.
No registration is required to find items, so feel free to browse the site! 

If your looking for a classified ads service to help you turn those unwanted second hand items into cash? One advert on could generate you extra money. 
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  Kijiji Classifieds 
This free global/local classified site is an eBay subsidiary and was set up to compete with Craigslist. Kijiji has grown till it is the second largest free classified site in the market in the US and Canada at least and as of June 2009, attracted nearly 7 million monthly unique visitors and more than 400,000 live listings.   
liquibiz Online Auction Website Liquibiz
Liquidity Services in Europe, a division of the US based company Liquidity Services Inc.(NASDAQ:LQDT), is a leading provider of full service solutions to market and sell wholesale and surplus assets. We provide a marketplace and value-added services that enable corporations and government agencies to enhance their financial return from the sale of excess assets. Our service offerings, including sales and marketing, logistics and transaction settlement, simplifies the sales process for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, service companies and government agencies such as the UK MoD and the US DoD in the UK. This comprehensive solution to convert surplus assets into cash quickly and effectively connects sellers to professional buyers through an innovative online and offline marketplace with integrated services for its clients. Headquartered in Washington D.C., Liquidity Services, Inc. and its other subsidiaries Government Liquidation and enable companies and government agencies to market and sell surplus assets and wholesale goods quickly and conveniently using online auction marketplaces and value-added services. The company is listed on the NASDAQ (LQDT). More information can be found at:
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liquidation Online Auction Website Liquidation is a Liquidity Services, Inc. marketplace where professional buyers can source commercial surplus inventory and government surplus assets in an online environment. Bulk lots are sold by the truckload, pallet, or small package, and conditions range from new in a box to customer returns and used. Our wide variety of product categories includes apparel, computers, electronics, housewares, industrial equipment, vehicles, and much more.
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Madbid Online Auction Website MADBID is the first UK-based penny auction where brand new products, such as Nintendo Wiis, iPods, laptops, digital cameras and LCD TVs fall under the auction hammer everyday and sell for prices that can only be described as totally mad. is led by a group of professionals with long experience in IT, marketing, finance and entrepreneurship. The management team's past work experience comes from investment banking, strategy, trading platforms, start-ups, and IT project management.
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Mercado Libre Online Auction Website Mercado Libre
Costa Rica
eBay USA
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  Njuskalo Classified 

Njuskalo is a free classified site that started in 2007 in Croatia. You can have up to 10 photos on listings and the site is easy to renew and change ecommerce listings. FYI: Njuskalo translates to "sniffer" in English!

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OfficeHax Online Auction Website OfficeHax
OfficeHax is a free auction site for electronics. No annual, monthly, or listing fees.

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Oltiby Online Auction Website Oltiby
Oltiby is an independent and neutral marketplace for all products. This site is a supplier of web auction solutions and is designed for trading any kind of product or commodity. Oltiby uses reverse auction method for bidding purposes. New applicants join for free. All applicants are screened for quality control. All sensitive data is encrypted for security.
The Oltiby service is delivered by Oltiby Inc. whose registered office is in Jupiter, FL. Est. July 25th 2007
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OneWay - One Step Ahead Online Auction Website One Way
OneWay - The largest kiwi owned auction website!
Features one way funding also known as escrow accounts, multi currency auctions, and a commission network for people you introduce to oneway. 
  Back to Top  Overstock is an online retailer offering a wide variety of high-quality, brand-name merchandise at discount prices, including bedding, home decor, appliances, watches, jewelry, electronics, sporting goods, clothing,  shoes and a catch-all category for everything else called worldstock. What they sell is primarily the items that didn't sell or were "left over" at stores other stores.

Many categories have an "all sales final" policy. Be sure to review the return policy at before you register. You must initiate a return  within 20 days of the shipping date of your order. That's fine if you ship the same day like GBE Packaging.

Overstock is a US based site that has been around since 1999 and does most of its business in the US, although traffic from India, England and Canada continues to increase.
  Back to Top is a website created by that offers a wide variety of high-quality brand-name business and bulk products across the following product categories: Office Supplies, Restaurant Supplies, Hotel Supplies, Office Furniture and more. helps you shop for bulk and business related products conveniently, while offering manufacturers, distributors and other retailers an alternative sales channel for liquidating their inventory.
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Oztion Online Auction Website Oztion
OZtion appears to be an Australian eBay clone started up in 2005 and based in Melbourne. Site has lots of traffic but reviews are mixed, surprising since there are no listing fee's. The forums warn of trolls?

OZtion was acquired by ASX listed company Jumbuck Entertainment Ltd in June 2008. In December 2008 the teams at OZtion and Jumbuck launched - CarBuddy provides dealers and private sellers with the most cost-effective and useful car classifieds website service in Australia. CarBuddy provides a place to sell, buy, value, research and chat about cars.
  Back to Top Online Auction Website Ozon
Started in 1998 they are Russia's Amazon. Large movers on this site are mostly books and eBooks. Sellers must apply to be a partner and get accepted by Ozon, also good Russian language skills can be useful here.
  Back to Top, now with over 3 million members Police Auctions, now with over 3 million members, was founded in 1999 by Vortal Group, Inc. As always buyer beware, lots of positive and negative reviews on this site such as over charging for shipping, incorrect values and descriptions of items. For items purchased directly through the website, the company offers a 100% money back guarantee (minus 15% restocking fee) on every item with a 7 day return policy (click here for details).
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QuiBids QuiBids
QuiBids was started in July 2009. Based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Like many of the online penny auction sites they have new top name products for you to bid on. You must buy bids to start participating in the auctions. Bids cost .60 cents each and they auction off bid packs like most of the newer penny auctions. In Feb. 2010 their Alexa Rank was 18,444.
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QXL Online Auction Multi Country QXL
Formerly known as QXL, it's now Tradus started in 1999 and floated on the Nasdaq soon after. QXL is only one of the trade names but it is one that seems to be popular according to the people who use Ciao. The QXL name is best known in Norway and Denmark where it is a quite popular  ecommerce portal.
They also operate the following online auction sites:
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Ruby Lane Online Auction Site Ruby Lane
Ruby Lane is a US based site set up in 2007 and more like an online mall where you set up a shop within their site. This site is aimed at those peddling the finer things in life.
Setting up a shop costs and they charge a listing fee per item as well as an advertising fee. US traffic is good but traffic from the UK, Canada and India is increasing all the time.
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SellBidandBuy - Low cost online auction Sell Bid And Buy
Australia and New Zealand's low cost online auction site - Free to join up with an AU$5 credit. The fees, are pretty reasonable. You'll pay nothing to list the item and a fairly low price for buy it now and reserve options (five Australian cents for 'buy it now' 10 for reserve). Final commission fees are 3% for things under AU$75, 2.75% for things over AU$75 and 2% for things over AU$1000. Site uses PayPal. 
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Sell my stuff Online Auction Website Sell Bid And Buy

An online auction site for Australian vendors, Sell as much as you like for just $15.00 No additional fees or charges. FREE online shop with a fully integrated "Pay Now" facility. No time-wasting auctions.

  Back to Top is the first Internet auction site created, owned and operated by a nonprofit organization. ShopGoodWill is the first Internet auction site created, owned and operated by a nonprofit organization. It was created and is operated by Goodwill of Orange County (Santa Ana, CA). Participating Goodwill's from across the country offer for auction on the site a wide array of art, antiques and collectibles as well as new and nearly new items pulled from their vast inventories of donated goods. From unique one-of-a-kind items to estate pieces, the depth of resources is enormous. Revenues from these auction sales fund Goodwill's education, training and job placement programs for people with disabilities and other barriers.

Buy & Sell collectibles, books, gifts & more on Shoporium

An ecommerce portal something akin to Amazon but without the looks or reach Shoporium is a service that allows sellers to set up their own shop, manage it, and market their listings on other locations.

The design is sort of 1990's, which is somewhat unsurprising as it was first created in 1999. The site requires a $17.50 monthly fee.

Shoporium is powered by Auction Submittm software which allows sellers to easily manage and rotate their auction inventory. Now Auction Submit supports Shoporium so sellers on online auctions can move inventory from auction to shop, shop to auction and auction to auction.

Shoporium is not a mall. It is a hosting service for your shop. Each individual shop has its own search engine and custom look. You can even set up your own domain here. In addition, there is also a search feature which will search all of Shoporium creating a synergy for all of the shops.
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Online auction for collectables, specialist and general items including Antiques, autographs, glass, porcelain, militaria, watches, diecast toys, bears, stamps, books and more Specialist Auctions
Known as a global online auction site, registered in the U.K. No membership or setup fee's. Auto relist your items up to 20 times. End of auction fee is 3% of the final sale price. Traffic is good.
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The Dead Skunk  The Dead Skunk is a new fast growing International Online Marketplace, enabling trade on a local, national and international basis. No standard listing fees, list any item with as many as 6 pictures at no cost. If your item fails to sell on your first listing, you can list the same item and images for free a further 3 times. with the paid store option, which is £20 per month, there are no Final Value Fees. The Dead Skunk is also in the process of putting together an App for the iPhone.

As of Jan 24 2010 they report almost ready to go fully live.
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TripleClicks - Buy, Sell, Trade TripleClicks

An eBay alternative site for sellers that has been online since May 2000, Tripleclicks, is a site that has gained a lot of ground since January this year. With a server based in the US the site gets most of its traffic from the US and India.

1. Register FREE as a TripleClicks Member.

2. Purchase some Ad Credits (for as little as 19 cents each) to use whenever you want.

3. List your items (each listing costs you just one credit).

4. Each time someone buys one of your items, we'll notify you with an e-mail so you can ship the item to the buyer.

5. Once delivery is confirmed, you get paid.

There are no hidden fees or "gotcha" charges. 

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Welcome to Trade Me Online Auction Website Trademe

This online auction site is based in New Zealand and is possibly the best known ecommerce site in New Zealand. Perhaps it is because it was set up by the son of a TV economist, then sold to the media conglomerate Fairfax and then tied to Stuff, the most widely-read news site in New Zealand.

Listings are free and users are allowed to post unusual items for sale like on eBay. There are enhancement fees if you require additional support. Final fees for successful sales

Up to $150 6.9% of sale price (50c minimum)  
$150 - $1500       $10.35 + 4.5% of sale price over $150  
Over $1500 $71.10 + 1.9% of sale price over $1500
(max fee = $149)

There are several fee charts for larger items.

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Trocadero is similar to Ruby Lane, it is more of a shop front for people looking to sell the finer things in life than it is a place to auction off things.

Collecting antiques, decorative and fine art is our visitors' first passion. Period furniture, antiquities, art glass, antique ceramics, sterling silver and Asian art abound on Trocadero.Other main categories of interest include vintage decorative art, 20th century furniture, estate jewelry, artisan and design, home decor and popular collectibles.

You pay a monthly subscription to get access to the site with more services available at additional costs. It was set up in 1999 and has a reasonable amount of traffic.

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uBid Auctions  uBid is your inside connection to excess inventory from the world's most trusted brands. Even the best products don't always sell out in stores, so when our trusted selling partners have excess inventory they sell it with us at prices far below retail. is a subsidiary of publicly traded Enable Holdings, Inc. (ENAB). If you'd like to learn more about Enable Holdings please visit

Alert: We found many customer service complaints posted on Google for uBid.
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UK-Bids-Away-Auctions UK Bids Away

UK eBay equivalent that has a growing inventory of listings and sellers. The site was originally launched in 2003 and has both small house lots listed and wholesale lots listed. You can also list your business for sale.

You don't need to pay any listing fees to advertise your items on UK Bids Away it has a bulk uploader and you are able to set up an online shop on the site.

End of Auction Fee.

From 0.01 GBP To 7.00 GBP 5.00%
From 7.00 GBP To 10.00 GBP 4.50%
From 10.00 GBP To 50.00 GBP 4.00%
From 50.00 GBP To 250.00 GBP 3.00%
From 250.00 GBP To 1,000.00 GBP 2.50%
From 1,000.00 GBP To Above 2.20%
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UniSquare, Online Marketplace and Auctions - Buy and Sell Online UNISQUARE
Basically, we are a 100% free online marketplace and alternative to eBay.

There are no registration fees, no listing fees, no commission fees, no monthly fees, nor any other fees. eBay charges 9%-15% final value fees plus listing fees every 7-10 days (even if an item doesn't sell). Easy charges 3.5% sales fees plus $0.20 for every listing every 4 months. Ruby Lane/Plaza charges $30/mo for a store, PLUS $0.30/mo for each item listing, whether it sells or not. Although UniSquare allows sellers to list as many items as they want, for as long as they want, on the site for free. Our new marketplace is quickly becoming more popular among buyers, sellers and non-profit organizations because of this. It is also an opportunity for free marketing and advertising.

Sellers can add an unlimited number of items in both auction and fixed price format for free and upload up to 12 images free. We have a bulk upload script (.txt and .llow members to bulk add/edit up to 10,000 items at a time. Both PayPal and Google Checkout can be accepted as payment methods along with check, money order or payment upon pickup. Our site holds 22,000+ categories, which mirrors eBay's category structure and is great for those already used to eBay. In addition, sellers can create free web stores with custom category names, color scheme, upload store logo and have custom store search feature. Sellers can also choose to accept best offers and create customized coupon/promo codes for their buyers. These features are also free.  
WeBuy Auctions   WeBuy Auctions 
 NZ-based online auction site that is owned by its members.

There are no listing fees and commissions range between 3% and 1%. If you should choose to sell something for more than NZ$10,0000 on the site then you are charged a flat fee of NZ$110.00 
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Webidz Online Auction Website Webidz
Webidz is an ecommerce site where you can place classified ads or list auctions. It's been around since 2004 and gets most of its traffic from the US, although there is more than a little traffic coming from India, England, Australia and Canada. They don't charge listing fees or final sale fees but do charge a little for enhancements and an initial $5 'verification fee'.
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Free Online Auction Website Wensy
 Free Online Auction Site - US based eBay copy that's been around since 2004 (registered in 2003) and they appear to make most of their money from banner advertising, No Fee's for users. 
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Yahoo! shopping
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sella Zillion

Sella is an online auction & classified site that was founded in November 2008. It is a 50/50 Joint Venture between Shane Bradley and APN News & Media.

Sella was created out of the desire to give Kiwis a choice when it came to them wanting to buy or sell something online.

  Back to Top Online Auction Website Zozo

A Swiss online auction site, that has set itself up to be understood in French, German and English. Sellers are able to sell via an online shop, classifieds or by auction. Listing Seller fees range from 0.10 Swiss francs to 5 Swiss francs, with store fees ranging from 19 Swiss Francs to 99 Swiss Francs, depending on how many items are listed in your store. The site has only been up for a short while but has already garnered a lot of attention in Switzerland.

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