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Chipboard Pads Singleface Corrugated Protective Wraps Reverse Tuck Folding Cartons  
GBE Packaging - Chipboard - Corrugated Wrap - Reverse Tuck Folding Cartons
      Chipboard Pads   Singleface Corrugated Protective Wraps        
      Chipboard Pads   Singleface Corrugated Protective Wraps   Reverse Tuck Folding Cartons      
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Chipboard Sheets and Chipboard Boxes
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More about Chipboard Products!

GBE Packaging stocks strong Chipboard Sheets and Chipboard Boxes constructed from .024 kraft paperboard and used in bindery's everywhere. Buy Chipboard also known as Chipboard Pads from with your computer 24 hours a day. We have the bindery supplies you need to make pads or use as spacer sheets for large print jobs. We also carry a full line of gaylords and bulk cargo containers that are perfect for bindery paper scrap. Buy chipboard sheets to reinforce envelopes for photo's or important documents. We will ship your your chipboard order the same day as well.

Chipboard Pads / Chipboard Sheets

Chipboard sheets can be used to provide added protection when stacking paper in boxes, or as the stiff backing seen on pads of legal or notebook paper. Lightweight chipboard sheets strengthen envelopes and other mailers,Chipboard Pads or use as padded layers for increased protection between items, also to reinforce boxes. Excellent for items too lightweight to withstand the pressure of shrink wrapping.
• Great for Scrap Books.
• Great for layering in boxes.
• Use for crafts and science projects.
• Painters use sheets to protect flooring.

The apparel industry uses chipboard for folding and packaging purposes.  Garments are occasionally folded over a chipboard to provide stability for the folded garment.  The chipboard can also help maintain the measurement required of the folded garments. 

The chipboard is typically, paperboard or cardboard, which is produced in various thickness or paper stock.  It might made up of one or several plies. Chipboard, usually gray or brown in color, is made from re-pulped paper and is traditionally used to add stability to notepads and shrink-wrapped packages or used for divider pads in shipping.

Guidelines for printing chipboard are similar to those for printing corrugated cardboard. Chipboard is sold by the sheet or bundle. Common sheet sizes include 22-½ x 34-½ inches, 26 x 38 and 28-½ x 34-½. The thickness of a piece of chipboard determines its weight, measured in points, with 16–80-point weights being the most common.

Chipboards provide support so that the garment does not flop around.  The chipboard is used during the folding and packing process.  Chipboards are used to assists with holding shape. A type of paperboard (cardboard) generally made from reclaimed paper stock (but not required to be reclaimed paper stock); the term generally used in the US.

Within the industry, paperboard is referred to by weight (grams per square meter, pounds per 1000 square feet) or by thickness (mm or thousandths of an inch, or 'points' - for example, 0.007" thick paperboard is also known as 7-point.  The chipboard can come in various colors, coating, shapes and weights. 

Board thickness is an unreliable metric, due to manufacturing variations. However, a rough guide is: C flute is 5/32 inch thick, B flute is ⅛ inch thick, and E flute is 1/16 inch thick.

Chipboard Pads

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Kraft Reverse Tuck Folding Cartons

Package and protect your small, lightweight products in our full line of reverse tuck folding cartons. Strong, yet lightweight and inexpensive.Kraft Reverse Tuck Chipboard Cartons Assembles quickly without tape or glue. Use foam or bubble for maximum protection. Shipped and stored flat. Tissue paper also available.
• These cartons have pye-lock tucks for positive locking.
• All set up fast and easy without tape or glue.
• Meets or exceeds Federal Specification PPP-B-566.
• All are die-cut from strong .024 point fiber paperboard.
• Kraft exterior and interior. 

Reverse Tuck Folding Cartons

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Single Face Corrugated Protective WrapCorrugated Wrap

Flexible Single Face Corrugated conforms to all shapes and sizes. Raised fluting absorbs shocks. Flexible to conform to any shape. Use as interleaving or void fill to help prevent damage such as chips or scratches. For maximum protection, use several layers of corrugated wrap around product.

Wrap large items or equipment - Easily conforms to any shape or void.

• Use to protect metal and glass parts.
• Single face is kraft A flute corrugated.
• 1/4" flutes provide shock absorbing cushioning.
• Used by equipment manufacturers, and refurbishing operations.
• Great for protecting art, paintings in frames, and heavy frames with glass.

Singleface Corrugated Protective Wraps

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Chipboard Cartons / Chipboard Pads
        GBE Packaging, Milwaukee

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